17 January 2011

Tissues Are In Order

I was planning to have a big day yesterday pulling the new work space together. Instead I have spent the past 36 hours in bed. Not looking particularly fabulous at this moment. Drinking lots of fluids and feeling a little sorry for myself as demanded in a situation like this. But these tissue boxes cheered me in my sick bed today. How cute are these.

You can find them here on Etsy, made by Gnome Sweet Gnome. Take a visit to their shop and see all the fun creativity going on there. Thanks to How About Orange for sharing the darling blue one on Twitter today. I love the How About Orange blog and find she has some of the very best creative ideas on the web. You'll  enjoy a visit to her blog.

Have a great Tuesday. Wishing you the very best. Will look forward to being back on my feet soon and sharing with you some great new Before & Afters. Thanks so much for coming by.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Oh, those are so, so cute! Hope you feel better really soon :)

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