21 January 2011

Shelf Cities by The Oak Leaves

There is something about these charming little Shelf Cities created and sold on Etsy by The Oak Leaves that I am completely taken by.

 I love the simplicity. They remind me of the beautiful little villages on the western coast of Denmark.

These are just the sort of thing I would love to have and set up in a corner of a mantle, bookcase, dresser or nightstand. They would be so fantastic with candles nearby illuminating shadows of these little houses up on the wall. Wouldn't they be such a sweet gift to pop in the mail to a friend across the country? You can see The Oak Cities Etsy store right here. You can also learn more about Christina, the artist on her blog The Oak Leaves.

Hope you've had a good week and have a relaxing weekend to come. Thank you for your kind "get well' wishes. I hope by Monday I will be a new woman.


Carole said...

So cute!
I've left a little present for you over at Dear Designer's Blog.
Please pop by and pick it up.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
Carole. x

Kelly said...

I ADORE these! Thank you so much for sharing. You are a champion blogger -- working right through your illness. ;-) Hope you have a restful weekend to recharge!

knack said...

I totally have a set of these on a shelf in my bedroom! LOVE them! you need some! :)


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