07 January 2011

Before & After Repair - Rental Apartment Chandelier

This is not a very glamorous Before and After, but if you live with an old chandelier that you can't replace this might be a sanity saver for you. When I moved into this apartment I absolutely hated the dining room light fixture, but since it's a rental, what was I gonna do. Then it started growing on me in a weird, retro 80s way. Now I just live with it...it and the promise of a better light fixture in my future.

When I moved in the white plastic coverings, the pretend white candle parts, were all cracking and crumbling to bits. Every time I went to the hardware store I would look for 2 inch tall replacements, which were always out of stock. Some time into this project, I realized, they don't make the 2 inch replacements anymore. I talked with a friendly Home Depot guy and he suggested I buy the four inch (which were always in stock every time I looked for the two inch) and use a hack saw to cut them down.

With the help of The Man, who is so handy at so many things, we did just that. Here's a little visual tutorial.

and lastly the big reveal - still not the chandelier of my dreams, but it looks a lot better.

So if you happen to have crumbling fake candles in your home, you have all you need to fix them right up now for just four dollars in socket covers. It's amazing what this little fix-up did for my feelings about my dining room.

It's a fun, jam packed day here on kalanicut. I have one more Before and After for you today that I am very excited about. Finally found a way to maximize the unused space in the entryway to my bedroom. Moved things around, whipped up a little DIY craft projects and pulled together an arrangement I'm really happy with. I'll post it in about an hour.

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