11 January 2011

Quick Tip: Move Heavy Furniture With Cardboard

Here's a Tuesday Quick Tip. When I was a little girl, we'd all leave the house for the day and we'd come home and the entire living room would be rearranged. We were always wondering how my mom moved the piano, couch and large tables by herself. I still don't know exactly how she did it, but I have found a way to move really big pieces of furniture without throwing out my back or breaking anything.

The key is a flat piece of cardboard. You can use it single ply or just use a flattened cardboard box. All you have to do is put it under the front end of the piece you want to move, then if you can, just lift up the back end and slide it across the room and into position. A little maneuvering of the box as needed under the front of the section your trying to position will help you shift things around just as you like them.

If you can't lift the back end, then just put your back up against it, and crouch down a little if you need to, then use your back to push or you can put cardboard under both ends for increased mobility. Think of the cardboard as the base & wheels of a furniture dolly. It really is so easy.

Try it next time you have the urge to rearrange your entire living room by yourself or you are moving and want to speed things up a bit. I've already moved two dressers and my bed this week. Happy furniture sliding. Have a great Tuesday. It's a happy year, hope you're enjoying every day.

photo via Denver Gov


knack said...

I use these tricks all the time! My husband constantly wonders how I move everything that I do....you have to find ways to move it or lose it! :)



Great tips! I will keep some of the cardboard when we we get our stuff from LA - lots of boxes heading to Norway!!!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)

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