12 January 2011

Embroidered Wood & Leather Clogs

I'm in the mood to think about a good leather clog with a chunky wood sole and beautiful embroidery. Thank you Sundance Catalog to making that part of my dream come true. The bad part of my dream is the part where they don't make these in my size. Bummer.

But how cute would these be with a great pair of loose fitting jeans, a pretty white embroidered cotton tunic and long, flowing 70s-ish hair. Lovely, I say, lovely.

I thought that was the end of this post until I found more clog deliciousness!  I just found a blog that is only about clogs. That is a beautiful thing. Clog Heaven. It's called Every Clog Has It's Day. Founder and editor Lindsey Cochran may just be my new best friend - haa-haa.

And I just found a very exciting source for a wide range of fantastic clogs Cape Clogs - and they carry my size. They have so many styles I really like and many of them are on sale now. Here's a great story about the shop owner Pamela Irving. I think I am going to be ordering me some clogs, people. It's the least any self-respecting Scandinavian-loving girl could do!

photo from Sundance Catalog Online


sonyamacdesigns said...

Ok, I had no idea about the 3 pack ... now I'm real trouble!

Anonymous said...

I make Dala clogs in the uS. I bet I could make your size!!!! clogs4u.com

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