10 January 2011

Quick Tip - Freshening the Air

One day last week I had the very intense and sudden need for a BLT with out the T - I don't like raw tomatoes. So I augment BLs with cheese and onion and lots of lettuce. I don't eat a lot of bacon but people who visit here often do, so I usually cook up the entire pack and then leave the rest in the fridge for sandwiches later.

Bacon smells great when you're cooking it but hours later, you really just want to scent to go away. That's where I was at hours after enjoying my BLT. Then I remembered a little trick my mom uses to get rid of old cooking smells and freshen up the entire house in minutes.

If you're like me you'll almost always have a couple of apples in your fridge that have lost their crispness. These are perfect for this! Slice an apple up in thick slices, no need to cut out the seeds or anything. Throw them in a medium-size pot filled with warm water. Then on top of that throw in some ground cinnamon, cloves (ground or whole) and ground nutmeg. The get the pot boiling, then reduce it to a simmer.

In minutes your house will smell like a big apple pie is baking away in your oven. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes then be sure to turn it off. Hope this is helpful next time you cook fish or bacon or burn something.Now for two little warnings.

Warming 1: It's very easy to forget you have something simmering on the stove -- and that can cause all kinds of trouble, especially if you leave the house. So crank it up then crank it off. 

Warning 2: You should also be warned that if there are other people in the house, they may be expecting a fresh apple pie from the delicious scents wafting through the house, so you may want to make arrangements to have some delicious dessert on hand - or run out and buy a pie.

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