10 November 2011

Thankful November Day 10

Today I am thankful for written correspondence. It is definitely a dying art. Heavens, I just read an article a few weeks ago that kids aren't even being taught handwriting or cursive anymore because the teachers don't have time and need to focus on teaching keyboarding. So sad.

But I am always thankful to go to the mailbox and find a hand-penned envelope with a lovely card inside. I am lucky that I get these on a somewhat regularly basis. I have always been a letter writer. My cousin and I wrote letters back and forth when we were in grade school and through college. From the age of two through high school graduation I lived near my paternal grandmother and she had a huge influence on my growing up years. In the three months before she very suddenly died she and I exchanged unusually frequent letters that I now treasure. Getting love letters isn't bad either. I wrote about it here.

Teaching The Bug to write letters has been a joy. You can read about her hilarious letters here and here. And lastly here is a post on teaching kids to write letters. I love to send away notecards & letters and try to still do this as often as possible. I have a note on my desk ready to send tomorrow and a couple more I should write. I hope that letter writing will live on for many more centuries to come.

image by kalanicut

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