11 November 2011

Packing Up & Moving On

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It's Friday again already. And it's Veteran's Day. I'll post a little tribute later this morning. Amazing how fast the weeks fly by. This has been a big week for us. There have been some things to absolutely hate about this week and some things to really love about this week. In the end we have a new peace and freedom by which to move forward in our lives, so much so that it's going to take  some time to get used to. Saying goodbye to some old sorrows and hello to new opportunities. Big sigh, smile.

I have some other really big decisions and events coming up that I was not expecting, so there's just never a dull day. I guess there's a reason I have always felt connection with adventure. I had no idea how adventurous and constantly changing life could be. Right now I seriously never know where I am going to be three or four days from now. In the midst of this, we're trying to plan a wedding. No problem, right?!

As far as wedding planning goes, I am so grateful to have an amazing cast of friends and family who are so creative and have been so helpful. I'll have a quick post later this morning sharing some things that have made wedding planning much easier for me.

Today I am helping a beloved sister say goodbye to her charming, much loved home and prepare for a new move and a whole new life. It's a sad day and a super happy day. We're attempting to pack and empty a 2-bedroom house in about 12 hours. It's going to be a great adventure in quick thinking, hard work and organizational genius. I am so happy to be able to help her, especially when the rest of our family is lounging on a tropical beach far away. Those rats! Just kidding, love you guys, just massively jealous.

I'm so happy to give my sweet sister my time and my heart this weekend. I know it will be great for me too. We'll have some great talks, I'll get her input on all things wedding, we'll talk about our dreams for 2012, share a few good meals, laughter and the ease and comfort that only come with being with family. So grateful for my family. Sending you, my blog family, my warmest wishes for your lives and happiness this weekend and beyond. Thank you for being here and sharing all that you do.

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