21 November 2011

Spruce Up Your Favorite Spots

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Can you believe its already the week of Thanksgiving for us here in the states. Should be a fun week. Here's a little something I've committed to, hoping to make the world a better place in a small way. When we go to our favorite beach I always take an extra plastic bag or two and do a beach cleanup while we're there. I have filled bags and bags of trash from this beach and it is a pretty clean beach. But things wash ashore, blow across the parking lots and fields. Sometimes after a big storm the beach of covered with boards, small boat parts, pieces of rope, plastic wrappers and bags and lots of plastic water bottles.

Last summer we were at a very busy beach near our home and from a distance I saw a family that I have known for a few years. I got a huge smile in my face when I saw the mother with a plastic grocery bag picking up and throwing away bags full of trash. I was so inspired to find a kindred spirit and so impressed with her efforts among dozens of other people lazily lounged on the beach. I hope other people saw her and were inspired too.

Think of what we could accomplish if we all took ten to fifteen minutes in our favorite outdoor locations to do a quick pick up. It's great to involve kids and families - great life lessons in responsibility to our world, work and service. And think how it could change the appearances of our parks, beaches and hiking trails.

So I challenge you to put a few spare garbage or grocery bags in your car and any time you head to one of your favorite outdoor locations. Then take a few minutes to do a quick clean up. Not only will you do a great service to your community but with any luck you'll inspire others who see you to do the same. Let's start a tidy little revolution, shall we?

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