22 November 2011

Etsy Roundup - 10 Great Christmas Stockings

image via Etsy

It's time for a consolidated effort for holiday stockings at my house. So far the collection is hodgepodge and I know that one disappeared somewhere in a storage box the year before last. This is the year to get new stockings that we can really cherish. I know I like a good, big round toe stocking - no pointy toes or mini-stockings for me. Here's a little roundup of some favorite holiday stockings from Etsy designers.

Buckland from Toronto, Canada makes this charming stocking (above) and a variety of others that can be personalized. I love the silver moon best of all the creatures. The polar bear is definitely a close second. I like the lovely, simple, woodsy shapes. These stockings are made from suede and clearly built to last for generations.

My more elegant side likes the beading on this Silver Tree and Snowflakes stocking by The Golden Turtle.

image via Etsy

I love the contrasts in these two stockings and I like so many of the stockings made by Bebe Snickelfritz. I love the blue gray with the red and the textures together.

image via Etsy

I love felted wool and simple silhouette shapes so this stocking of course totally grabs my eye. I love the earthy materials and subject. This totally appeals to my simplest design nature. Made by EcoShop in Northern California, this Woodland Reindeer stocking is a favorite for sure.

image via Etsy

These applique birds are so beautiful. In a Scandinavian style these stockings in blue and white and red and green are hand embroidered and made in England by Modern and Vintage.

iamge via Etsy

My bold, modern side goes a little gaga for these bright, geometric patterns. How can I say no to orange and green, two colors that I am very wrapped up in right now. These stockings by Studio Tree are so much fun. Studio Tree also makes some great pillows, iPad cases and more.

image via Etsy

And to round out the collection for today I couldn't pass up on this simple and so chic stocking by the well known Paloma's Nest. Love the grommet detail and the gorgeous wood tile and ribbon personalized nameplate on the front. A good eye and great craftsmanship can take such simple materials and make them so off the charts gorgeous.

image via Etsy

So that's the big Etsy Christmas Stocking Roundup for today. I hope you found some inspiration for your mantle. Many of these sellers are offering free shipping or other special offers if purchased by Dec 1. If you're looking for smart looking new stockings for your mantle that represent your family style and personality, check out the wonderful Etsy designers for great prices and creativity.

I know many of you are traveling this week. I want to take this opportunity to wish you safe travels. Hope your time on the road or in the air is peaceful, enjoyable and trouble free. Thinking of you and sending you warm wishes for the holiday week in the US and for a wonderful week wherever you may be.

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Kelly said...

What a fantastic round up. It's nice to see some really unique/different designs. So the problem is I made my husband's stocking several years ago and then, ahem, no one made one for me. I feel like I should fix that this year!

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