07 November 2011

A Leisurely Day in Coronado

This post is dedicated to all of you who have now entered into the true depths of winter. I forget your weather has changed then am shocked when I see national temperature reports. Stay warm friends!

Even though I spend a good deal of time in Coronado, CA, I rarely have a chance to aimlessly wander this gorgeous place. Lucky for me I unexpectedly had the chance this weekend to do just that. I have forgotten how wonderful and beautiful the weather is in California in the fall. Every day I wake up and am surprised at how blue the skies are and how bright the sun it. Enjoying every bit of it.

With my pocket camera in hand I covered a lot of territory and enjoyed very much wandering by myself up The Strand, through the main shopping district and back to the beach and the Hotel Del Coronado. There were weddings happening everywhere this weekend and it was fun to walk by and see well groomed guests walking to their destinations, bridesmaids with bouquets walking on the sidewalk, DJs setting up their sound systems, an outdoor wedding in progress and a blue wedding cake being centered right in the big window of the Hotel Del's amazing giant ballroom. 

My favorite features of this ballroom are a giant chandelier in the shape of a crown hanging from the ceiling and the walls covered in wood paneling. It's is stunning and I have to give you a chance to see it. Here's an amazing wedding that happened there not long ago photographed by The Youngrens.

I had a leisurely lunch, a perfect fall menu: soup and sandwich, shopped all the tourist tee shirt shops just for fun, went to a bookstore, and then sat and read a magazine in the sun for a while. It was fun to walk by so many spots that hold special meaning for The Man and me - favorite special restaurant from our very first trip to Coronado together, favorite shop window and many late night walks up and down Orange Avenue.

It was a perfect afternoon, good for body, mind and soul. And I think the cheeks too. I could use some sun! Hope you have the chance to explore some invigorating neighborhood or town near you sometime soon. It is such fun and so good to shake off the everydays and inspire your mind with a change of scenery. Sending you warm wishes my friends, wherever you are today.

images by kalanicut

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