01 November 2011

Happy Holiday Crafting Season 2011

The Bug was not with us for Halloween so the grownups stayed home and The Man did some exciting work (it wasn't really exciting at all) and I had to feed something that was gnawing at me all day. I woke up yesterday morning with some bad craziness going on. I wanted to 1) redecorate the entire apartment, 2) to gather everything not being used in the apartment and either sell it or give it to charity, 3) make something creative, 4) start decorating for the holidays.

You can imagine, had I let myself totally go with those pangs I could've gotten myself into a whole heap of insanity and made a real mess of the house. Thankfully I quickly gave up redecorating the entire apartment or on the idea of thrift store cleansing the entire house. Instead I quickly set about doing my morning ritual and other must do tasks and in short order the business day was over. But I knew if I didn't make something yesterday I would go crazy or die or something. So that was a must.

Since Halloween really ended for me on Saturday after our party, I'm already well onto the holidays in my head. My first creative task was to search for "holiday crafts" on Pinterest and browse page after page of creative ideas. Then I went through all my home decor storage and pulled out all the unused frames I have. I went through all my craft drawers and pulled out holiday stamps, paper, punches, string and ink. I laid it all out on the kitchen table and just let it all speak to me for a few minutes.

In the black frame at the top I turned over the cardboard inside it and it had this awesome foil that just had to be used. Added some snowflakes and later added "let it snow" in the corner in very small black letters. This very small white frame had a lot of bronze-y brown low lights to it. So I tried a bronze snowman and then just tapped the ink pad around the edges to give it a bit of a jagged frame.

Next I played with some letter stamps and the snowman again. This time I embossed it all in white. Then I wanted to do something with a very simple repetitive pattern. I used a very small evergreen tree punch and green paper with a foiled pattern on it. I love a little orange in anything, even Christmas decorations so I used an orange frame.

I also made this a couple of months ago. I promise I will be good and not put the holiday decorations out until after Thanksgiving. But I may have made several homes' worth of decorations by then. But these were very inexpensive. I didn't buy anything to make them, only used things I already had on hand. That is nice. In my next post later this morning I'll share photos of all the finished projects.

images by kalanicut

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