08 November 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday Vision Board Prep

We have about 8 weeks until the start of the new year. If you would like to do a Vision Board for 2012 now is the perfect time to start clipping and saving photos for your board. While you're browsing magazines, catalogs and sites over the next few weeks, start grabbing and keep them in an electronic or paper file.

Then when you have some down time you can start putting things together so you're start the new year with a bang, clear vision and focused mind.

Here are a few links that are helpful as you work on your own board:

Happy clipping! Hope you're ready for the best year of your life. 2012 is going to be an amazing adventure!

This post is linked to Good Life Wednesdays at A Beach Cottage. It's Spring in Australia. See what beautiful things Sarah is up to. Lots of good eye candy today.

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