09 November 2011

Thankful November Day 9

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Today I'm thankful for laughter. Laughing is probably my favorite thing to do in life. I love that my family loves to laugh. Since we were kids, being with my extended family has meant laughter. From dress ups and plays the grandkids did, to the best white elephant gifts I have ever seen, being with my extended family is fun and funny. I always look forward to the holidays because it means lots of laughing. That may be the best gift we could share at the holiday season.

Laughing takes the edge off any bad experience. It breaks tension. It builds relationships, brings strangers together in a common cause. One of the best quotes I have read of late is "A woman laughing is a woman conquered." Humorously if you look for a source on the internet you get the following sources: Napoleon Bonaparte, Diane Sawyer, and a variety of movie, book and video sources. Whoever said it was right. Laughter gets me every time and I hate that sometimes. It's hard to stand your ground and remain firm when someone puts you on the floor with laughter.

Laughing is so good for the soul. I challenge you to laugh as much as possible today. Go to an online joke website and read jokes until your ribs hurt. Spend time with a little kid, they are the masters of the art of laughter and have not yet forgotten how to laugh. Laugh more, life just feels richer, better!

Hope you have lots to laugh about today. I'll be back later today with a post all about quick pickup and cleaning jobs you can accomplish in just 10 minutes. It's surprising how much you can accomplish.

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