03 November 2011

A Few Favorite Places At Home

Today I thought I would share a few favorite nooks in my home and why I adore them. First off is a bit of a new nook. This is the top of the cord and adapters cubby I picked up earlier this week. This morning, very organically, this little scene came into being. It probably won't stay like this but It made me happy every time I looked up at it.

The clock was a gift from a friend many years ago. It has sat on many different desks in its time. The bowl is gift from Latvia and so perfect for small coins, jewelry and other small trinkets. Inside the bowl are small slips of paper with motivating thoughts from the Mondo Beyondo class I took earlier this year.

Also there are two good thoughts that I really love and my ring that I so dearly treasure. It's amazing how much I have grown to love that thing. Never anticipated the depths of emotions or sentimentality that would be attached to such a piece of jewelry. Whenever I look my engagement ring I think of two things, 1) that I live up to it's beauty in appearance and grace, and 2) that I am the most good and noble woman I can be towards the man that gave it to me.

In early September I thought we were probably done with our tomatoes for the year. I was so wrong. You will be surprised to hear that our tomatoes plants are probably 15 feet high, with the plant stems wrapped back and forth across the top of the tomato plant metal supports. Let's hear it for fertilizer and and endless growing season. Good grief. Amazingly we are getting our biggest tomatoes of the season now.

It has been such a luxury to walk out to the balcony and pluck fresh, sun-warmed tomatoes right off the plant. I love the smiles I get from The Man and The Bug, two serious tomato lovers, when they get a BLT with homegrown tomatoes. The deep red color and meaty insides of the homegrown are amazing in comparison to pink, overly firm & seedy insides of the store bought tomatoes. I am debating buying a couple more tomato plants for the winter months. I suppose I can bring them inside if we get the rare, seriously cold spell.

This is another small spot that always brings a smile to my face. This is on the top of my dresser which is in a small nook just inside the front door of my bedroom. I picked up this small mannequin stand earlier this year thinking I would use it as decor for my sewing area.

Then I realized it would look great on the dresser and in a final flash of brilliance (ha.) I thought my many small necklaces would look so pretty on it. The reality of how pretty my necklaces would look was far better than my imagination and I definitely wear them more now that I see them out.

My favorite part of this little jewelry stand, the part that puts the biggest smile on my face is this collection of pony bead bracelets on the top. They are my talismans. I find I turn to them in particularly stressful moments. The thing that makes them most dear is that some were made for me by The Bug and others I made with The Bug.

A few weeks ago as she was showing a guest around the apartment she stopped by this spot and bragged, "Those are my bracelets up on top. I made those for her." She was owning the cherry on top of the cake. She was so proud and of all the things to stop and point out I loved her sense of connection with her gifts to me.

So that's a little peek at my place. I realized as I was putting this together that while this is all very familiar to me, it isn't familiar to any of you and so perhaps a bit interesting. Hope you enjoyed it. Do you have a favorite nook or two in your home? What spaces are bringing a smile to your face these days? Love hearing about your world.

images by kalanicut

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