05 November 2011

Thankful November, Day 5

Today I am thankful for a quick (or l-o-n-g) drink with a friend. It is like a session with a great therapist but without the outrageous bill. I had a friend email me on Thursday and say hey do you have time to run away from home for a while and catch up with each other. Just getting that email really gave me a good dose of cheer and even though it didn't work out to get together for a bit, it was so great to know I had that to look forward to.

It is is so easy to say "I don't have time" to so many things that make us really happy in life. Why we do this or where we learned to do this I will never understand. But taking a few minutes out to catch up with a good friend makes a world of difference to a busy week. It's amazing what I take away from an hour or two long chat with a friend. I always learn so much from their lives and the things they are thinking about and trying to achieve.

I also find new ways to look at my own life and go home with a list of inspiring improvements I want to make in my world. And I always walk away thinking, don't wait so long to do that again! Thank you dear friends for the time you make to spend with me. My life is better for it. 

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