24 November 2011

Thankful November Day 24

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Happy Thanksgiving U.S. readers! Hope it's a lovely day for you wherever you are! As I write this post I am hearing Tevya from Fiddler On The Roof singing, "TRAH-DI-SHUN, TRADITION!" That's what I am thankful for today -- Tradition. Can you imagine doing something one day to celebrate life with a small group of neighbors that would be carried on as a tradition for centuries to come? Don't you think the Pilgrims are a little surprised that we are still celebrating Thanksgiving here in the United States and possibly sad that it's become a day of remembrance that is often overshadowed by commercialism and football games.

Traditions are great, they are important and they make life rich. They set expectations, encourage thoughtfulness and cause us to pause from our busy lives in recognition. We have been entrusted to carry on many traditions within our families, towns, religious groups and homelands. Today I am thinking about the traditions I value and keep. I'm asking myself if I do them justice and give them their due respect.

It's so easy to become lazy about honoring tradition. What is my responsibility to pass on those traditions in an honorable and noble way? Thinking about that and what changes I can make in my life to live with more respect and honor for  the traditions I value.

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