04 November 2011

Paper Art Signage

My apologies for the late post today. I wanted to share with you my latest creative ventures but photos at 3am did not work too well with it being so dark. I spent 8 hours or so last night making signage for an event at our church Saturday. I was expecting to have a little more time today, so when I saw that wasn't going to happen I knew it was going to be a very late night to get it all done.

I used a variety of papers and techniques for the signs. Luckily I have several packs of punch out letters in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. So for an hour or so I pulled letters for all the signs. Then I began arranging signs on half-sheet poster board.

I thought I would keep them pretty simple, but once I saw the lettering on the signage I knew they needed more. This began a craft extravaganza of torn paper and cut paper artworking. I created fruits, flowers, buntings, jewelry, jars, wrapped packages and cups of hot holiday beverages out of paper to add to the signs. It was quite a lot of work, but I hope that they will make a splash at the event.

I went through a lot of paper and several glue sticks by the time I was done. This morning I have to figure out some sort of small table decoration for some of the tables. Won't have a lot of time, but hope to come up with something good. Then I have to come up with a snack and deliver everything to the church this afternoon. Should be an interesting day. I'll be back in a while with Thankful November for today.

images by kalanicut

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