10 November 2011

True to You Thursday

image via Polynesian Style

After I decided it was an immediate must to renew my passport, I started wondering what other things I am or am not doing in my life that are not loyal to my true self. Not having a passport was definitely one of them. Not getting together with friends as much as I would like was another. Not focusing enough on my physical well-being was another. Not getting regular haircuts, facials and massages was another (I'm talking on a conservative basis).

I am sure there are deeper ones too if I think about them and list them out for myself. You don't need to hear all those. But it got me wondering about me and about all you lovely readers. What would we all be doing differently if we were confronted by our true selves about who we really are, what we are really capable of and what we really want?

Have you given up your athletic past, a musical instrument or other talent? Do you have a musical instrument in your home that you bought with a dream to learn to play it, yet it sits covered in dust in a corner? Is there a trip you've been talking about taking for decades that you have not made plans to see to fruition? Is there a class offered in your city that you have repeatedly almost taken? What about a career that you would rather be doing or you always saw yourself doing while you work at something you hate that diminishes you? Is your life growing stronger and stronger as the years go by or is it getting smaller, more narrow and less adventurous?

If you had a conversation with your true self today what would she/he tell you? Would she/he call you on the carpet about your forgotten dreams? Would they pat you on the back for having the courage to follow them? What would that conversation be like?

I hope you feel a little inspired to visit with your true self and see what you can learn. I'm digging in, having that potentially painful conversation and looking forward to being more streamlined with my goals, dreams and actions. And now I am getting out my gorgeous ukelele and my "learn to play" book for a while. Might as well get things off on the right foot with my true self.

image by kalanicut

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