11 November 2011

Online Wedding References Come To My Rescue

After a lot of wedding researching in a booming wedding industry it is so easy to get totally lost in the thousands of little doodads, flowers, ribbons, cakes and bakers, photographers, planners, videographers, event sites, dresses, shoes -- it never ends. You could just shop yourself to death and still feel like you might be missing something.

I am at the point now that I am throwing out ideas and trying to narrow all this information gathering down. One of the things that has been so challenging for me is trying to decide which of the many wonderful vendors to choose. How do you know which one is going to be right for you ? It feels impossible.

One of my guiding lights has been to get to know vendors through social media - check out their blogs, see what their personalities are like on Twitter. That has been very helpful to try to determine who would work well with us personality-wise. I've been getting a good vibe about some vendors and definitely had them on our shortlist to make vendor visits to.

Last night I invested some time in a resource that really helped solidify what I was feeling about the vendors I was liking. I went to Martha Stewart Weddings and did a search for affiliated local vendors. It was so fantastic to read amazing recommendations about one of the planners on my list, my first choice for the cake bakery and a photographer we are very interested in. I am going to do this with the other major wedding sites as well. Sure people will have a few good testimonials on their web site, but it's nice to go to other sources for more reviews.

I am so grateful I did this because it really gave me a sense of confidence in my instincts about these vendors, that it will be possible to narrow down the choices and most importantly that I can find people who will be just right for us. With all the details large and small that need to come together for this special day I am so excited to think that I can have phenomenal professionals who will take our vision, remove all the worry and make sure our day is pure magic for us and all our guests -- And make it happen on a doable budget. Can't wait to set the darn date and start the tastings and vendor visits and see everything I've been putting together in my head come together in real life.

Images 1-3 by kalanicut, image 4 via Cute Tape


Kelly said...

You're so smart to look for recommendations, Kalani! I remember how overwhelming all of the options can be -- and I got married before there were a billion wedding blogs out there! I'm excited to see how you make this wedding distinctly "you." I know it will be special.

Kelly said...

You are so smart to seek out recommendations, Kalani. I remember feeling totally overwhelmed by the wedding options -- and that was before the advent of wedding blogs. Can't wait to see how you make this wedding distinctly "you." I know it will be special.

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