02 November 2011

The War: Girl VS Cords & Adapters

When I got back from NYC, I got totally fed up with how many adapters and cords I have. Here's a short list: laptop has two external drives & a printer cord & electric cord, two cameras with three cords and charging mechanisms, cell phone charging cord & cord to download photos, e-reader which I luckily have two cords for, two ipods with chargers and several pairs of headphones - okay that's a start for you. 

I just can't take these cords lying around in massive outlet strips on the floor or even tied up nicely on my desk. If I had a door closer to my work space I would've gotten a see-through hanging shoe rack and organized them all that way. I got it in my head that I wanted one of those completely ubiquitous wood drawer boxes from IKEA - you know the ones, probably every person in the United States has or has owned one. I had one years ago. Here's an awesome link with some amazing DIY examples. Unfortunately, as I verified in a visit to IKEA and later in that link, these boxes have been discontinued -- although I am sure they will live on in thrift stores for decades to come.

On my return from IKEA I decided to make a quick stop at Michael's to see if they had anything similar. I was very surprised to find this container pictured above. The baskets just happen to match perfectly with the baskets I purchased for my work space. You can see my work space here. So I couldn't pass it up, especially since it was on clearance. It's quite a few less drawers than I wanted but I think it will work into my organization "scheme and look" nicely and there is plenty of room for all the gear.

Now I can't decide if I want to do anything with it or keep it natural looking. Actually, now that I think about it, some really nutritive wood oil would give it a really pretty aged patina that would match with the pretty wood boxes I have my plants in. I think I'll go with that. Now if only something like this would work for the car - ha! So, how about you? Are your cords driving you crazy and winning the organization war or have you found some fantastic organization system? If you have a good system, please share! Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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