04 November 2009

Love Letters

Today I received a love letter. The kind where someone eloquently expresses your influence and blessing on their life and how deeply they care for you. That made my day.

In a scurrying world where the shared human experience is often overlooked with focus on less important things, it's surprisingly beautiful when we are blessed with those sacred moments of grace to stop and appreciate people and in turn share of ourselves.

Love letters can be sent to and come from many sources: family, significant others, friends and even acquaintances who in brief encounters we share ray of sunshine moments. Love letters often seem to arrive just when our spirits flag or we're inspired to send a letter without knowing it will turn the tide of a day and bless another to carry on.

Today's love letter inspired me to write more love letters, to send real mail, and to take greater advantage of opportunities to thank people for the blessing they are to my life.

Have you received a love letter recently? Did it boost your spirits and give you courage to stand tall? Have you sent a love letter recently? Did you get any feedback? Please do share!

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