09 November 2011

Passport to Adventure

When I got my first passport as a young girl, I promised myself I would never be without a valid passport in my life. That along with many other things I swore I would or would not do has now been undone. I have been without a valid passport for almost three years, which in my mind is somewhat disastrous to my sense and definition of self. I am a traveler, an adventurer -- without a passport that theory is devastatingly damaged. Haahaa.

Earlier this week I was stewing about what I would do if my entire life suddenly fell apart, collapsed, vanished. This was a completely useless expenditure of my time as my life is totally NOT falling apart. LOL. But you women totally know what I mean, right, we have to figure out what we'd do in all the worst case scenarios just in case. Guys, I know it sounds crazy, but we are a little crazy. It's just how we are built.

So I decided that my plan would be to immediately sell or put everything in storage and then work through a couple of contacts at cruise lines and immediately set out to take employment for six months on a cruise ship where I would mourn the disaster my life had become AND be allowed to mourn and regroup in private -- all the while doing menial tasks, working with an adventurous international staff of very interesting if not slightly wacky characters, and caring for the needs of passengers of all shapes and sizes.

I figured if I wanted to I could extend for another six month tour if I didn't have my entire life worked out by the end of the first commitment period. Pitifully, conjuring up this plan gave me peace that I had a plan in the very worst, worst, worst case scenario.

In order to be prepared for this potential necessity, haa-haa, I felt it was immediately necessary for me to renew my passport. Within an hour I was on my way to get new photos, which sadly look significantly older than my previous two passports. Funny and pretty depressing how that happens.

Now I am printing paperwork and filling it out. I know I already have one form totally filled out that I've had on file for at least two years, waiting for me to get photos taken. But of course I don't want to spend an hour searching for that when I can just reprint the document. I realized that once I am married I will have to get another new passport in just a few months. But The Man says he'll treat me to the new one, but to get it now anyway. And I have to keep in mind that just in case everything in my life collapses, I will need it ASAP! Laugh, laugh.

Looking through my last passport inspired me. I have some pretty amazing stamps in there: Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England (Scotland and Wales on that trip too), France, Thailand and Tahiti. But there are still lots of unused pages in there too. I'm inspired and hopeful for what will fill the pages of this new passport. And I believe I'm making an effort to be more true to who I am. "I am a traveler and an adventurer and always have a valid passport ready to go."

I can't wait to get it. Do you keep a passport? Have a favorite stamp or one you're still dreaming of getting?

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