02 November 2011

Thankful November, Day 2

Today I am grateful to be able to read. I was looking at some old ship's passage documents from the early 1900s this past weekend and one of the questions that had to be answered was if the passenger was literate. I saw a passage card for a man in his 90s that said he was illiterate and it made me a little bit sad for him.

How we take that for granted in our world now. Can you imagine living in the world we live in now unable to read a computer or phone screen, emails, text messages, road signs and car dashboard warnings. It would be impossible to even use many tools and machinery without being able to read instructions and labeling.

I am grateful to be able to read because when you can read, you can learn about anything. I have always loved to read. Since I was a small child I would bring stacks of books home from the library. Now I have very recently turned into an e-reader junky...LOL. Being able to read opens up the entire world to your life. I am grateful to be able to read.

images by kalanicut

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