21 September 2010

Fabulous Fossil Wallet

I am sentimental about things like wallets. I bought a little fabric zip pouch coin purse in NYC about 8 years ago that has been my trusty keeper of cards and currency through many adventures. The zipper has been a little sketchy for some months now and several weeks ago totally broke off.

I contemplated paying to have it repaired or finding another coin purse zip  pouch. I saw one I loved online for $40 which felt like a little much to pay for such a tiny, featureless object. Meanwhile I've been carrying around an unzipped bulging coin purse.

So Saturday as part of my inspirational day, I decided to check out the wallet scene at the big departments stores and found this Fossil little gem in delicious brown leather. Everything about it worked for me and I decided that a new wallet was just the thing to welcome new prosperity in the midst of all the projects I'm working on and have high hopes for right now.

I loved everything about this wallet, the organization features, the feel, the fabric, the stitching and metal fasteners. On the inside was even a fun little question...What vintage are you?

A good reminder to think about who I am and what I chose for my life. Even more pleasing was arriving at the cash register and learning that my little wallet was 20 percent off. I can't wait to empty my little broken shell of a wallet and organize this pretty new home for all my important documents.

By the way, has anyone seen my driver's license? I seem to have misplaced it a few days ago. Here's hoping it finds its way back to me and into its new little home.

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