30 May 2010

The Spring Refresh Continues...

The Spring Refresh continues for home, mind and body. This weekend I cleaned and reorganized the front entry, washed the rugs, cleaned the floor and moved some things around. Still need to buy a plant for the entry way table and do some final decorating arranging. Photos to come once things are in place.
I did a major cleaning of the bathroom and vanity area. The bathroom on it's own is probably the ugliest apartment bathroom I've ever had, but hopefully, a few little touch ups keep it livable for a while longer. Then I moved some furniture around in the bedroom. Thinking that the tall dresser would make a nice bedside table for a while. It's moved in place and from some directions I love how it looks and then I'm not sure at all. Photos to come.

Still shopping for a new desk. Have covered a lot of bases at this point and still haven't seen the right thing at a reasonable price. I'm envisioning a table-style desk, dark wood. Not too big, too deep or too heavy. Fingers crossed it's on its way to me.

Here's the new bulletin board in progress. Painting is done, fabric is mounted over the cork. It's ready to be hung over the new desk as soon as the right one appears. Questioning a bit where to put the desk, thought I had that all figured out, but now I'm not so sure. Still mulling it over.

I called to have a thrift store pick up the sofa and love seat in a few days. Big decision since I have not picked out a new sofa yet. I decided to make it happen by forcing the point. I can't bear to have these huge couches in the house one more week. I should have gotten rid of them a few years ago. I have faith that the right vintage or new sofa will come my way when the time comes. There are so many sales going on right now, it's a buyer's market. With all the comings and goings this summer, I can make it a few weeks without one.

Feels good to be getting things done, turning over a new leaf and making a fresh start. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity is the key word. A clean, simple, restful, inspiring space. 

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