09 August 2011

Three Soldiers - My First Christmas 2011 Project

Happy Tuesday! So glad to meet up with you here today. I'm starting very simple with my holiday projects this year. I had these three cute soldiers from the bag of ornaments I got last week from EverKelly. I bought a few white and dark brown shadow boxes from IKEA last Christmas thinking I would make a few decorations for the house after looking at some inspiration magazines and web sites. Well, it didn't quite happen and these shadow boxes found themselves in the storage closet for a year. Then thankfully I was inspired to get a head start on the holidays and knew these were a great place to start.

I thought some of these ornaments would work great in the shadow boxes and were so cute they deserved a special treatment. In the photo it doesn't look quite right, the Merry Christmas banner does not go right to the top of the frame as it looks in this photo. There's something strange going on with the shadow or angle or something. But based on how long it took me to get a photo even this good, I have given enough of my life to it, haa-haa. You get the idea, right?

I used foam squares to attach the soldiers and whipped up the sign with some paper scraps and attached it with foam squares. I actually went back in and moved it down a bit more after I took the photo and like it much better.

I am always in a bit of a dilemma when it comes to little projects like this. I always have these complicated ideas and see so many dramatic creations by others that I really like. So I dive in and then when I get going my heart and mind want simple, simple, simple, clean, clean, clean. I toyed with colored or patterned papers for the background, then wanted white. Sometimes I think I under do it and there's a little something missing. That might be the case with this project, I just don't know yet.

In another comedic twist, I am thinking about going back and doing a very simple July 4th project that never got done. It would be great to have it done and ready for next year. It's not like I'm going to find it again next summer and make it in time. I'm not big on the whole holiday house decorating thing other than for Christmas, but I'm starting to soften to it a bit. It's nice to have something fresh to tweak the look and feel of the house with for a few weeks now and then.

I am going to try to work my way through this personal dilemma as I go through my projects in the next few weeks and try to figure myself out a little bit. I'm not sure why it is that I don't get to the more complicated processes that I am so interested in or if this is just who I am. Does anyone else ever go through anything similar to this? I'd love to know.

I rearranged the mantle yesterday afternoon. Goodbye patriotic theme and hello late summer theme: shells, bamboo, wooden boxes, trays & candlestick. I'll tell you more about it later today and hopefully show it all off the finished product tomorrow morning provided I get to the fabric store for ribbon.

Well, have a fantastic day, while I go off to figure my weird craft self out.Thanks so much for coming by. Cheers!

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Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, they turned out SO CUTE! I love this. And yes, I do the same thing. I think I want prints and patterns and embellishments, and then I get started and I think "let's leave that white." I think that's ok!

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