19 November 2012

Pick Me Ups For Gloomy Weather Days

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It's been dark and cool here more than usual lately. On the rare days when the sunshine isn't blazing in the sky it's a bit of a shock to the system for us SoCal people. While it's a nice change of pace, it can be a tad bit depressing too. So while I was sitting inside on a cold, dark day I decided to create a list. Here are 10 Pick Me Ups For Gloomy Weather Days.

None of these is a mind-blowing or shockingly new idea, but I find that sometimes on a gloomy day I'll slip into the blues a bit before I even realize what has happened. So if I have a little reminder list to review I can very easily and quickly find a few things there that turn the mood around and bring out your inner sunshine instantly. 

1. Light candles! -- I love having a 100-pack of IKEA tea lights on hand at all times.

2. Put on cheery music. -- Try Michael Buble Christmas on Pandora. A great mix.

3. Put a pot of good scents on the stove. -- Try this Pin Test recipe I love.

4. Make soup, buy bread, make a salad. -- Here's a favorite salad and Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

5. Exercise -- It keeps your energy high and keeps you healthy. A few other healthy winter tips here.

6. Talk to friends -- The best therapy ever.

7. Do something creative -- Here are a few ideas for you to try.

8. Watch a fun movie -- It's a great time for silly holiday movies. Something like this.

9. Read a good book -- Blankets, a cozy corner. Mmm. Maybe with a little one and this.

10. Plan, Dream, Scheme --It a great time to make a Vision Board or map out your Dream Life!

11. BONUS: Do something kind for someone else. -- This picks the spirits up immediately.

Do you have a favorite you would add to the list. Add it in the comments section below. I love your fresh ideas. Hope this list will help you keep spirits high this winter and focus your energies on things that bring joy and connection with life. Have a fantastic day!

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