01 November 2012

Driftwood DIY Art Inspiration

all images via Pinterest

Since I came home, I have been thinking about the bag of driftwood I collected last week on Maui. The beach outside my cousins' house was rocky and covered with lots of good driftwood. I started collecting in hand, then piling it in my shirttails then later came back with a canvas bag to pick up more. I wish there had been a little more time to gather before the sun went down, but I got enough to cover a cookie sheet so I think I have enough for a good project.

Unlike the many small pieces I picked up in Virginia, the driftwood pieces were much larger in Hawaii. Some of the wood is quite dark, almost black. It will be fun to see what I can make with it. I do have some variety of sizes which is always helpful when you are trying to create something with what amounts to a pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces.

I thought I'd check out Pinterest to get my creative juices flowing. At the moment, I'm leaning towards making another garland, to hang vertically. But I do like the sunburst. If I had enough, I'd try for the ball. I like the trees, but they feel so holiday-ish to me and I'd want to enjoy my driftwood year round. The heart wreath seems like it would need a lot of small pieces which I don't have. As I am typing this I am getting more and more interested in trying the sunburst. I'll look forward to sharing a finished project with you soon.

I also have another post to share with you full of photos of the driftwood. I've been intrigued at what you can see in a piece of driftwood. I hope you'll find my discoveries as curious as I did. From the trip I also have lots of photos and adventures to share with you. I'm hoping to have my laptop back from repair by the end of the week so I'll be able to work a little more quickly and efficiently share all that good stuff with you.

So do you have a favorite of these projects? Do you have a favorite driftwood hunting spot? You can see my first driftwood DIY here.

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