15 November 2012

Thankful November 2012: Day 15

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I am thankful today for a healthy, strong body. I have been having such a good time working out the past few weeks. I have been pushing it and it has been fun. I have been doing so many different activities and just loving feeling connected with my body and enjoying the results. It has really energized me and got me so excited about continuing strongly, setting some fun goals and being ready for big adventures with The Man next summer.

My most interesting workout was skipping the shuttle at the Ronald Reagan Library on Veteran's Day and hiking up the mountain top the library sits on. Part of that time was with The Bug on my back. I was glad I have been so diligent about my workouts because that could've been rugged. But I had a great time and it was so much more fun to hike up and down than to stand in a stinky, crowded shuttle bus with our faces on some big guy's arm pit holding on for dear life. The views were fantastic and our conversations during our hike would've never have happened if we'd been sitting in a big crowd on that shuttle. So grateful for healthy strong bodies. Want to make the most of them and enjoy every moment.



Go, Kalani, go.


Kelly said...

Glenda's comment made me smile. Yes! I need to get back in the exercise groove too. The dark mornings and rain have made me want to stay in bed, and I'm paying the price!

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