05 November 2012

Thankful November 2012: Day Five

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I am thankful today for something that I normally don't like at all. How is that for learning to have gratitude in all things?! This year I am particularly grateful for the darker, cooler nights. Here's why. This past summer was such a hot, uncomfortable summer here. The heat was just unending and impossible to escape from, even when visiting friends and family. So this year I am so grateful for time in the day to enjoy the dark, cool evenings.

It's so refreshing to my soul and provides me opportunities to enjoy a cup of tea, wear a sweater, light candles and enjoy other things that make me happy in life. Change can be quite delightful. In fact I am learning that change is necessary and in the end usually refreshing. We humans are not always big fans of change, but it generally brings more blessings we just don't know it yet.

So I am very grateful for this change of seasons and daylight time. This year I am learning to be present and enjoy it. Even if it's only six p.m. and I think it's 10 p.m.. I am reminded to take those dark evening hours and  enjoy them, make the most of them and do things that benefit and feed my soul. It's also a wonderful time to spend quiet time with people you love, read a book, knit or do another hobby, listen to fantastic music and enjoy the quieting nature of this season. Happy Thankful November Day Five!

What are you thankful for today? Let's start a gratitude wave. Leave a comment below.

PS - You'll laugh. After I wrote this I saw the weather report - It's supposed to be 85 degrees here today. Sigh....

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