02 November 2012

Seeing Yourself Reflected In Your Home

Have you ever walked past a mirror and caught eyes with yourself and just had a moment of connection with your reflection? This happens to me every once in a while and every time, without thought, I smile and say "Hi!" as if I'm seeing a good friend.

I am seeing a good friend, right? Feeling that sense of connection with others is great, feeling it with yourself is an amazing moment. The other night, I was reveling in the cooler temperatures, with candles lit, enjoying the beginnings of a quiet evening. I looked up at my living room and I saw what you see above.

In the same way I see myself in the mirror, I saw myself in my home. There is was, my style, the feeling of the soul of my home looking back at me. A variety of colors, patterns, and objects instinctively mixed together. I had to see if I could capture it in a photo. Oh the history of the pieces in this photo.

The leather chair I have had for a very long time. It's had three different upholstery treatments in it's time. The chest was probably the first significant piece I refurbished when I was in college. The plant is from the starts I cut and rooted and wrote about here. The fabric and beaded horse is from Afghanistan. Even the tiny glass votives hold sentimental value. I bought them the first time I made a candlelight dinner, served on the patio, for The Man.

I love this photo because it's like seeing my home in a magazine, from outside of my regular view of it. It's happy, cozy, comfortable soul has been captured on film. It gives me some comfort to realize that my home really is reflecting me, that it does make me happy and it does feel welcoming to me. A nice moment to have with a bunch of textiles, wood, upholstery, ceramics and glass. It's moments like this that remind me, "Hey, you are doing okay."

Have you ever found yourself in your home? How did that make you feel?

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