23 November 2012

Gorgeous Rosella Resin Jewelry

images via Rosella Resin

Oh, hello! I thought I would do a few gift idea posts this holiday season but I didn't expect to find such gorgeous subjects for my first post. When I saw this bracelet with the parrot feather inside I was stopped in my tracks. This gorgeous jewelry collection by Rosella Resin on Etsy is a fresh, fun look that got me excited about accessorizing again. Each piece is so absolutely stunning. Wow.

Rosella is a shop owned by Jessica and Gwynne Burgess from Ontario, Canada. I love the story of how these two sisters began their business. I also really like their conscientious business practices and their focus on nature. You can learn all about them here. You can see more of each piece of jewelry at the links below. What a great gift for a girl who likes to stand out in the crowd.

1. Parrot Feather Bangle
2. Lilac Ring
3. Bangles with Gold Flakes
4. Bright Pink Faceted Ring
5. Copper Flakes Ring
6. Sky Blue and Gold Ring
7. Grapefruit Ring
8. Teal and Gold Multifaceted Ring

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