26 November 2012

What They Really Want For Christmas

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The holidays are officially here. I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you a few secrets about what your family really wants for Christmas. Deep down you already know these things, but it might be a good time for a little reminder.

Here's a list of things your family wants for Christmas.

1) They want you happy rather than stressed out.
2) They want you well rested rather than crabby and short tempered.
3) They want you to spend time with them rather than trying to impress friends & neighbors with extravagant decorations and gift wrap.
4) They want experiences with you rather than stuff they'll soon forget about.
5) They want to make memories with you, rather than seeing you overdo it.
6) They want you to sit with them and laugh at silly things, rather than rush around.
7) They want you watch silly holiday specials with them, rather than throwing or attending fancy parties.
8) They want to serve others with you and make someone else's holiday brighter.
9) They want to see the family financially stable, rather than stressed and in debt after the holidays.
10) They want you to enjoy and appreciate what they give you, rather than fussing about what you are giving them.
11)They want your attention on them, rather than on a list, a detailed timeline, late night DIY projects or anything else that takes you away from them.

Your family wants your best, happiest you. And long after stockings are emptied, treats are eaten and toys have broken, the thing they will remember best about their holidays is how they felt with you, how close and connected they felt with you. The best decorations are your smile, the best sounds of the holidays are your laugh and kind words and the best gifts are your love and time. None of these things costs a dime. But they do require diligence and attention. Happy holidays. Hope you make many rich and beautiful memories with your family this year.


Unknown said...

Great reminder Kalani.

Unknown said...

Great reminder kalani.

JoAnna of re-U creating new spaces said...

Wow! very well put! Thank you.

Courtney Marie said...

This is perfect. A great and gentle reminder to embrace the heart of the season.

kalanicut said...

Unknown, JoAnna & Courtney - thank you for visiting! Sending you happiest and most peaceful wishes for the season. Let's enjoy this one. :)

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