06 November 2012

Thankful November 2012: Day 6

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Oh, isn't it wonderful to take a few minutes every day to think about thanks. Today I want to thank Holly Becker, blogger, author and teacher of the Blogging Your Way Boot Camp I am involved in right now. While the spirit of the class is to learn how to be better bloggers and improve our experience in social networking, great goals, Holly's inspiration extends far beyond that. I have learned a lot about how to improve my efforts online, but what I most appreciate that I am taking from the class this time is a lesson from Holly's life philosophy that I want to incorporate into my life more passionately.

Holly's perspective may not be exactly this but this is what I am taking from it. In everything we do in life, we will have successes and failures. We must work hard. In our successes we ought to be gracious and grateful. In our struggles we all have the right and deserve to take a few minutes to be sad, to cry, to feel sorry for ourselves a bit. But not for too long. Then it's time to get up, dust yourself off and charge forward yet again.

We so often get stuck, stop our journey or detour off our paths when things get difficult. I am grateful for Holly's example, her drive and her willingness to share that spirit with others. This is my day, my moment to charge forward and I am so appreciative of Holly and all the others who have appeared in my life and encouraged me to make things happen and have faith in the inspiration that has lead me to this point. Thanks Holly!

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dawn@joyfulscribblings said...

Very well said! I have loved the BYW Boot Camp. As you mentioned it's not only the technical aspects that have been helpful, but Holly's words of encouragement that have meant the most to me.

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