03 November 2012

Thankful November 2012: Day Three

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This Thankful November post might make you laugh. I am sure you are already wondering what this could be about. This week I am thankful for customer service agents. I know, they are usually the source of life's most frustrating headaches. But since The Man has been gone I have spend a great amount of time on the phone calling fun places like DMV offices, insurance companies and doctor's billing offices and asking a lot of people for assistance taking care of issues that I am stepping into for him for the first time (translate that to I don't know what I'm doing or talking about).

Every time I have made one of these calls I have anticipated a big headache and when I have explained my situation and what I needed help with these people have been so kind, gracious and helpful. For this, I am deeply grateful. One of my best blessings this year. Thanks customer service agents for all the good you do!

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