02 October 2012

A Pin Test #7: Williams-Sonoma Store Scent

It's time for another A Pin Test post. Test #7, from this pin, is a do-it-yourself version of the scent you might find in the air when you wander a Williams-Sonoma store. I visit Williams-Sonoma often but off the top of my head I couldn't remember what the store smells like.

I am always happen to experiment with easy, home scents that you can quickly throw on your stove. Food smells are great while you're cooking but hours later, not so enjoyable. It's also great to have a quick solution when you get home from a trip and realize you forgot to take out the trash before you left. Pop it on the stove before guests come over and you are sure to welcome your guests to a pleasant home. Here is a family favorite of mine.

I always have lemons and vanilla on hand and I have a big rosemary plant thriving out in my balcony garden. So this is something I can easily pull together any time with no additional supplies needed. Here's the link to the original post. The author of One More Moore, Morgan Moore used to work at Williams-Sonoma so she's definitely in the know. Thanks for sharing this little behind the scenes tip Morgan.

Just washing the rosemary in the sink, rubbing the stalks together gave the kitchen the most amazing fresh scent. I cut up two small lemons and cut the rosemary stalks into smaller pieces that would fit and move easily around in my pot. Then I added the vanilla extract. I misread the recipe and added a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon but it wasn't overboard at all.

Already I knew this was going to be a successful Pin Test. The three ingredients combine to create something really delicious smelling. It's not too foody, too strong or too anything. It's a gentle, relaxing, earthy scent with just a touch of sweetness. I love that.

Before I wrap this up let me share one quick tip learned purely from previous bad experience. It's easy to put this on the stove and forget it - especially if your stove isn't in a high traffic area or your kitchen isn't a place you pass through often on your way out the door. It's really bad to leave the house with it still on. So I set a timer for about 30 minutes as a reminder to turn it off. It's a good amount of time to let the scent waft throughout your home and make sure you don't forget about it. Another option is to set a reminder on your phone for a few minutes before you know you'll be leaving the house.

I wish you could smell my home while I am writing this. I definitely give a big thumbs up to the Williams-Sonoma Scent pin. If you try it, let me know what you think.

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Ah ... I would need the timer. :)


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