10 November 2012

Thankful November 2012: Day 10

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Today I am grateful for teamwork in a relationship. Last week I reached out to The Man about something The Bug had asked for. She was basically asking for a bigger, yet identical version of a stuffed toy she already had. I mentioned that if we were going to get it, we needed to order it soon for the holidays.

The Man asked if she really needed it. He so wonderfully said he would gladly get it for her, but just wondered if she really needed it. His question turned a light bulb on in my head about how much we didn't need this...she didn't need this. Yes, she had asked for it a couple of times, but I know it wasn't a need or even a high priority want for her. It didn't make sense when we need to buy her outdoor winter wear, are traveling for the holidays and already have gifts for Christmas for her. She's even getting some cool things from other people too, so we don't need to overdue it.

I got a little too caught up in how cute this purchase was and didn't think much beyond that. In a place in life where we are really focused on not accumulating stuff, being mindful of expenses and living simply, this purchase went against everything on that priority list.

I was so grateful to have a partner who said, why do you think we should do this? His question made me pause and realize I hadn't thought enough or maybe at all. How glad I was for that backup check. More important than the decision about this unnecessary purchase was my appreciation for our work together as partners and how much I appreciate all he brings to my life. He is good stuff. We are good stuff together.



It is so hard to downsize the Chritmas gifts. We are trying to this year. Yesterday, at Target, I picked up some stocking stuffers. About 10 minutes later, I put them back. Too much to spend for a stocking present.

kalanicut said...

It sneaks up on us so easily, doesn't it Glenda! I think, oh, just this one little thing, then forget all the other little things I've purchased or things we had planned to buy that we haven't gotten yet. It gets especially challenging when I start planning and buying early in the season.

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