22 November 2012

Thankful November 2012: Day 22

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Happy Thanksgiving to every one in the U.S. and celebrating abroad! Can you believe it's here already? Didn't we just celebrate New Years 2012 a few minutes ago? Where had the time gone?

This will be my smallest gathering for Thanksgiving ever. Three people. But I get my mom's home cooking and my favorite pumpkin pie so that is pretty good. My Dad and I have been joking about how we are each responsible to eat 1/3 of a pie today.

Today I am thankful for the abundance we enjoy in life. We are so very blessed. A roof over our heads, enough clothes, a warm bed, a car to get around in. We truly do live in so much more abundance than we even realize. Counting our blessings is a good point of focus today. Life is so much better when we see how much beauty and abundance there is all around us.

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