01 November 2012

Thankful November 2012: Day 1

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I can't fathom that it's November, but I am all for time moving quickly and it seems that the fourth quarter of the year always speeds by, which I am so happy for. I realized that if I was going to do Thankful November again this year it had to start today! So here we go.

I am so grateful for FAMILY: helping hands, listening ears and caring hearts this year. They have been an amazing blessing to me, The Man and The Bug. So grateful for prayers, kind thoughts and love they have so generously shared. I am especially grateful for my sisters who I have spent more time with in the past 5 months than in the past five years. Love those girls.

Also, so lucky to have my parents just 30 minutes away. I have always been the kid who moved far away, so to have the great surprise of having my parents here for 18 months is just amazing beyond belief. Not sure how I'm going to let them leave though. All their friends here want them to stay, but I am certain that despite all our powers of influence it will not be enough to convince them to stay permanently. But I will enjoy it while they are here.

So what are you grateful for today? Love the sharing!

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