06 May 2013

Home Reorganization Project: Week 11

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I almost have to laugh at how perfectly this image explains what happened with the Home Reorganization Project last week. Stopped, flat on my back. I was hurt last week which left me sore from the top of my head on down. Looks like it's all just soreness and everything will be on the mend soon but last week the only time I was even mildly pain-free was lying on a bed of ice packs. So absolutely nothing was accomplished last week except a ton of phone calls, keeping us fed with take out and taking care of the little one (getting her up, to school, home from school, fed, homework, etc. -- a full time job in itself).

So here is my lesson for the week regarding this project. Always, always plan in more time than you anticipate for out of the blue situations that come up. The more you plan, it seems, the more likely things are to happen to mess up your plan. But it's still great to plan because you make way more progress that way than by just letting things roll.

I need to have my home in tip top shape by the beginning of next week for sure. I lost a full week just before my deadline. Thank goodness I started in February and have slowly but surely been accomplishing things! I still have quite a few things to do to wrap it all up this week, including doing a quick last clean of each room. Always plan more time than you would normally expect for any project. That's my reminder lesson this week.

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