23 May 2013

Favorite Things To Do Around The World

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Yesterday on Facebook there was a conversation about favorite things to do in Denmark, which is of course one of my favorite places on earth. I lived there, I love it there and I speak Danish. That got me thinking about favorite things to do in places I've been around the world and I thought I would share some here today.

Denmark: Karen Blixen Museum. Watch Out of Africa first. Skagen is a lovely city to visit as well. Bike riding in Scandinavia is a must.

Norway: Bergen. The Funicular takes you to an amazing forest and view of the city. Old Town there is fantastic as well. The train ride from Oslo to Bergen is unbelievably beautiful.

Sweden: Downtown Stockholm is incredibly gorgeous. Walking there is heavenly. Seeing the many small islands near Stockholm is lovely from the water as well. 

Bangkok: The street markets and tour of the waterways.

England: In London I loved going to a concert at St. Martin-of-the-Field church. Bread pudding served downstairs during intermission.

Scotland: Take a walk up in the hills of Holyrood Park. One of the most amazingly, refreshing days of my life. The tall grasses, the ocean winds and views of Edinburgh are fantastic.

Wales: St. Fagens National History Museum was a lovely day in the sun. Everywhere I turned was an amazing opportunity to take a gorgeous photo. The wandering was lovely too.

Baja Mexico: Todos Santos, Hotel California. So many gorgeous details to take in.

The Netherlands: Amsterdam walking is amazing. So much to see and take in. Bring your camera.

Tahiti: Papeete downtown market. Great place to buy beautiful handmade items and sweet smelling scents. And...I never saw a bad beach view in French Polynesia. Best tan I've ever had in my life. Lasted me all summer and into fall.

These are a few of my favorite experiences and sites around the world. How about you? A favorite day in a favorite place far away you can share with us?

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