09 May 2013

Inspiring Posts In Other Places

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I thought I would share some posts that I have written which have appeared on other blogs. These posts are about life-changing lessons in peace, happiness and even anger. It's so interesting to go back and read them and see how many of the same issues I continue to think about, see the places where I have grown and how my life has changed over the years. Maybe there is something here that will inspire you too for your heart and home.

I Am Enough. I loved this project from the moment I first heard about it. Created by photographer and all around gracious and fun woman Tracey Clark, it is a collection of writings by women seeking to remember that they are enough just as they are. Here's the link to the piece I wrote about learning to speak kindly to myself.

Finding Your Joy. I wrote this post for the blog Re:find Joy. You can find a lot of inspiration at Re:find Joy for weddings, design and daily living. There are lots of posts on finding joy in life which I love. My post is all about actualizing your dream life now and living in joy every day. My heart still warms when I read this post. Good memories and good reminders to myself. It also makes me grateful for homegrown tomatoes. I don't like tomatoes but my people LOVE them, which makes me so happy.

Ten Steps To More HappinessSeven Cherubs is a blog from Australia written by Naomi, mom of seven. She has quite an adventurous life. I wrote for her blog about ways to bring more happiness to life. I think I really write most of my posts for me because they are things I need to learn but they seem to resonate with others too. That gives me a chance to learn amazing lessons from others too.

Getting To Know Agitated Me. Writing this post gave me a chance to strike up a new friendship with Creative Soul In Motion blog founder Erin. I am looking forward to talking to her about Reiki soon. This post is about learning what your anger and frustration are telling you are how to act more quickly to resolve the things that are causing them.

I 'll share some creative projects of mine that have appeared on other blogs sometime soon. Hope you find something inspiring here. Warmest wishes.

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