15 May 2013

Old Navy Summer 2013

image 1 and  image 2 via Old Navy

My theory that you find the best clothes when you aren't really looking and don't want to spend money continues to be true. Last week I ran to the bookstore to pick up a new journal and decided to just pop into Old Navy next door to see if they had any good shirts for The Bug who has suddenly gone through another growth spurt. I a found three cute shirts for her and then I made the "mistake" of venturing into the women's department.

I walked out with two new tunics, a swim cover-up and a new fedora. I picked up this tunic, a navy blue and white one too. Then I chose this cover-up in Navy blue, but I am showing you the white one because you just can't see the detail in the navy blue image. I thought all of the things I found would be so cute for beach days in San Diego this summer. I have never really owned a swim cover up before. I guess I've always just worn shorts and a tee shirt but I thought it would be fun to have a more girly look this summer.

I was pretty impressed with what I saw at Old Navy for Summer 2013. The collection definitely had a BoHo feel to it but there were colors and styles that would work for every personality and body type. You never know what you'll find when you pop into a shop with no intent to buy. It's always a jackpot when you're not seriously looking for clothes. This tells me that if I want to continue to upgrade my wardrobe I should start shopping with no intention to buy more often. Haha.

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