08 May 2013

The Summer of Red, White & Blue

bottom left image via Reuters, all other by kalanicut

I took down the few Spring decorations we had up a couple of weeks ago then decided that now that it's early May it's the prefect time to decorate for a full summer of patriotic living. We have a lot to wave the flag about this summer including homecoming in the next few weeks. Hooray!

Then there's Memorial Day weekend, Flag Day, Independence Day, Pioneer Day if you grew up in Utah like me and lastly Labor Day. I have always been so glad that our city does patriotic fireworks the week before July 4th so we can celebrate here at home and then again July 4th at home with my family. My parents will also be leaving their 18-month stint here in California to return to Utah that same week. There will be a lot going on for the family.

So I pulled out all the festive decorations and have started fixing up the mantle for the summer. Nothing too crazy, just a few little cheery red white and blue touches. I decided I can also leave up our big wood star for Stars and Stripes season. I also want to make a homecoming bunting of some sort to hang up to welcome our Daddy home. We definitely need some yellow ribbons somewhere. Maybe on the tree on our front entryway.

This week is really the last quiet week I will have for a while and it's not really quiet, it's more of a panicked scramble to get lots done, especially since nothing got down last week. Boy am I glad I started organizing projects in February, especially since I'm not supposed to do any heavy lifting right now. Ergh. But I'm going to get all I can done this week and then just let things ride and try not to be too busy. Life will be busy enough.

How is your summer shaping up? Is it already action packed or are you still thinking about what you want to do this year?

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When are you all back together again? Red, white and blue is perfect.


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