27 May 2013

A Greater Appreciation For Memorial Day

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This Memorial Day Weekend I have a very special and somewhat unique appreciation for the sacrifices made by those who have paid the ultimate price for my and every American's freedom. They have also died attempting to establish and preserve the freedom of many millions of people all around the world. They do not fight to make the world into America, they fight to give every man the chance to choose his own life and how he will live it without oppression and tyranny.

I have become well acquainted this year with military families who have sent their loved ones to war. And I have watched loved ones return from war. To send someone you love to war and have them return safely to you brings great reverence. My heart breaks for those who were lost and did not come home and the families who suffer that loss. I will be forever grateful for their sacrifices and prayerful for blessings upon them. I will do everything I can to support those families and show thanks and tribute to their lives.

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