30 May 2013

Biggity, Big Days

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Goodness there has been a lot of big stuff going on in my little world the past four weeks. And none of it I can talk about here unfortunately. That makes it hard to talk at all, you know. I dislike talking with vagueness to you. What fun it would be to sit and have a cup of tea with you and be able to really talk. Everything is going well, we've been making very surprising decisions and having some monumental days. There's been lots of happiness, tiredness and adaptation to change. I'm happy to see everyone growing and learning.

I am looking forward to sharing new adventures with you soon. Our little family has been on quite the adventurous path and we will see a lot of change coming in the next few weeks. The Man and I have been having some pretty incredible and impactful conversations about where we want to go as a family in the coming year and beyond.

It is amazing the hours and hours and hours we have spent going back and forth discussing things. One hour we would feel our decisions were made, then as soon as we attempted to move the chess piece forward we would feel a sense of hesitation and reopen the debate yet again. This went on for a couple of days. I had no idea we were capable of carrying something on like that for so long. I guess this was actually the first time in our life together that we've had that luxury - and we've probably never had to make such big decisions so quickly about our family life yet.

Pros and Cons conversations where both sides are arguably valid and emotionally charged are not easy. I was totally exhausted once we finalized our decisions and made the resulting commitments. But best of all as time went on I felt better and better about our decision. The very best part was looking at The Man and with big smiles on our faces saying we were ready to make the decisions, as a team, totally unified. It felt so good to come to that realization and promise each other that as we move forward we'll do it united, at peace and with courage together. Very inspiring, so energizing. It got me excited about the future.

Now that we've made our decisions, my mind has started wandering towards all the creative opportunities that will be a part of new changes. I'm looking forward to new adventures and relationships that will come too. I'm feeling inspired by these things and learning to let go of things that need to be let go of. Sounds so easy and yet is not so easy. But I think once we're able to look back we see it was never as hard as we expected. Looking forward to summer 2013.

How about you? What kind of summer do you have ahead of you? Lots of travel? Busy-ness? Vacations? Weddings? Camp?

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I love those deep emotional conversations. And your man is home ... you get to do them face to face.


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