01 May 2013

Am I Looking At It or Am I Living It

Every once in a while I have a Saturday totally and completely to myself with no obligations or engagements. This happened recently much to my glee. My first goal was to let myself sleep in as long as I could. I was wide away at 8:30. Yep, that's two hours later than normal, but still I don't consider that a respectable "sleep in as late as possible." A college girl would shake her head in true disappointment at my poor effort. Haha.

On these kick back days I will often recharge my batteries by getting caught up with some favorite bloggers, spending a little time on Pinterest and writing some blog posts of my own. I stayed in bed, in my pjs, viewing some delicious homes, reading some very inspiring wisdom about marriage, chatting with some fellow military girlfriends and spouses and catching up with what the friends were up to on Facebook.

After a few hours of lounging, I start getting very itchy to get out and get some sun on my cheeks and experience life outside of the computer and other people's words and pictures. The thought above came to my mind on this particular Saturday.

It's easy to get caught up online, looking at other people's versions of our dream life. Yes, it's great to get inspiration and enjoy beautiful words and images, it's perfect to then take those pretty things and go forward and focus on living your own best life. It's the most energizing and exciting. I had all sorts of fun things in my mind after that restful morning. But most importantly I wanted to remember to focus on my own life and making it as beautiful to me at the words and images I found online. In fact it will be more beautiful because it will be my heart and soul and I will feel more connected to it than anything else I see.

Here are a few things I am thinking about that help me live that life of my that I do love so much and sometimes forget to nourish.

1) Put music on in the house.
2) Light candles at night.
3) Turn off the electronics.
4) Ride my bike.
5) Spend time with friends.
6) Make time for museums, flea markets, thrift stores, etc.
7) Buy a few new clothes. I did this yesterday & already feel refreshed.
8) Buying fresh flowers. I have neglected to do this lately. But have added a lot of house plants.
9) Enjoying my home. I don't just sit in my home and enjoy it enough.
10) Rather than rushing around, slow down and take time to live my days more.

Do you ever find yourself living in a magazine or on your Pinterest boards rather than really living? Do you have any tricks to get you out of that? Please share them. I think in this digital crazy age we could all pull out of our phones and computers a little more and enjoy our real worlds.

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