10 May 2013

May Birthday Fun

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One of my favorite things about having a May birthday is that it kicks off the summer season just before Memorial Day. Some years my birthday is attached to Memorial Day weekend so it's fun to get an extended holiday for celebrating. Even though getting a year older every twelve months can be a little depressing, I've decided to not waste a moment being unhappy about a birthday. Instead I have tried to make my birthday the most fun day of the year for me and fill it with lots of things I enjoy, thoughtful activities, time with my favorite people, in my favorite places and in complete happiness.

It's always fun to start getting little birthday treats in the mail from some of my favorite retailers whose mailing lists I have joined. Each year I get a free "create your own perfume" mailer from one company where you can go in and have a sensory experience with an associate and create your own special scent. Today I got another little mailer for some free makeup samples from another favorite retailer. Others send special discounts or offer a free meal at a favorite cafe on my birthday.

This year I am making a special effort to make a list of all these little ways to celebrate and I'm calendaring them all in. It seems like if I wait until after my birthday I forget and lose out, so this year I'm planning it all out with intention to take advantage of every fun little opportunity to celebrate I have. It gives me the chance to spread little celebrations over several days or to set aside one or two grand days to do them all. 

I'm already looking forward to breakfast at a favorite cafe. I might even go by myself with a book or magazine or my laptop for a while. Sounds heavenly. I could totally use some new perfume so I'll do that too. I'm already getting excited for my birthday and it's still a few days off. One of the best parts of getting older is learning to appreciate all the good moments in life. I'm looking forward to quite a lot of those in the next few weeks. Yay!

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Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Happy (early?) birthday!!! I am glad to see that you are reveling in it! We should always take time to celebrate ourselves, because we are awesome.

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