20 May 2013

Treats From Victoria's Secret

images via Victoria's Secret

As part of my Spring Sabrina project, I wanted to find a new self-tanner and related skin products and really wanted to find some girly cute sleepwear. Wondering what a Sabrina project is? You can read about it here and here.

I found everything I needed at Victoria's Secret. Now it's no secret to anyone I've ever discussed lingerie with that I have never been able to find one bra at Victoria's Secret that fit me right. I just gave up on the place for the most part. So I decided to venture in again to find some fun sleepwear and then at about the same time a military associate mentioned Victoria's Secret's self-tanner was great too. So I decided to check it out.

I went to one of the biggie department stores first and tried on a bunch of sleepwear with no success. Then I headed to Victoria's Secret and found these darling pajamas. I love a pair of 100% cotton pajamas and they had so many cute, feminine styles that fit me well. Finally, something there that fits me. I snagged this white with black polka dot pair. I like the little girly details, the leopard print trim and the white & pink buttons. Super cute and they are so comfortable.

Then I checked out the Beach Sexy Self-tanning Tinted Lotion. Lucky for me one of the girls that works there had been experimenting with it that day so I could see what it looked like on. I picked up a bottle but also picked up a travel kit that had a smaller tube of the self-tanner plus Beach Wave Hair Spray and Instant Bronzing Shimmer Dry Oil.

I haven't had much chance to actually use the tanner and bronzing oil yet. It seemed like every time I wanted to try it I was a couple of hours away from taking a shower, getting all sweaty or was wearing a new white shirt or something. I'm looking forward to checking it out more this coming week. I did fall in love with the Beach Wave Hair Spray. It worked great. I loved it. I had amazing wavy hair that lasted a couple of days. I just put it up in a messy bun at night and in the morning it would look great again with a few spritzes of the BWHS. Good stuff.

Here are the links to all the products I purchased:

Do you have a self-tanner you love? A "go to" spot for great pajamas? Do you have a favorite sea salt beach hair product? I'd love to hear about them. Passing on recommendations has been an extremely successful way for me to find products that I really like. I'd love to hear what you're using or what you're looking for.

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